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Dish Network - Bring Back ISPN-259 1 of 1 people found it helpful
I just found out dish network does not have insp tv channel n if they do not bring it back i am going to drop dish. That was my favorite channel. .
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I watch channel 259 every night .I LOVE ALL THE PROGAMS.Dr Qinn medicine woman, jag,all the westerns like The Virgina ,Banaza theWaltons,Madlock,and the John Wayne movies.Stop crewing with around channels that the whole family can watch . I have been with your company since 1989.Buy if you keep on you will cause people like my family to start looking for better programing else were.It would seem that you learned your lesson when you took off...
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Great channel, please settle your disagreement and get INSP back on Dish. It was a wonderful family channel. My family and I would sit together many evenings and watch these shows. The shows we were unable to watch due to time of showing or our ability to be at home we would DVR. When I told my daughter and son INSP was gone they were very unhappy but glad we had recorded many episodes. My daughter even went so far to look online to see if...
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I liked
  • Awsome consumer support
I didn't like
  • Getting a station dropped and still having to pay for it
I notice last night that when Walker Texas Ranger ended, one of those paid programs came up and I checked and saw that it was showing some other name on the channel description.Please bring back the channel. I like this channel because I get to see reruns of one of my favorite childhood TV Shows, Walker Texas Ranger. I watch it every night at 10. I also like this channel because it's for all famil. I also enjoy watching so movie of the movies...
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I didn't like
  • Truth in advertising
  • Dish network pricing and plans